All the animals listed below have been adopted. Please click on the dogs or cats links to see animals available for adoption.

Una is a very sweet and loving dog. She is playful and loves to chew on toys. Una is happy and confident and loves people. She also plays very well with other dogs. She always wants to snuggle, and loves to have her tummy rubbed. She is pretty well paper trained, so if the paper is there, she will go on the paper. Una is a high energy dog with a lot of “spunk”. She is currently teething, so toys are always a good idea to have around. Una also has a large appetite and eats what you give her (puppy food). Una would be an amazing pet for any household and deserves a loving and caring family.
Ursa is an adorable collie mix pup, about 3 months old and 15 lbs. She is sweet, friendly and cuddly.
Thank you to Jenna's Birthday Transport for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!
Ursula is a charming and extremely cute puppy. She loves to be held and cuddled with. She plays very well with other dogs and likes to play with toys. She has a calm but confident manner and loves to explore. Ursula will love anyone who loves her, and she enjoys having her tummy rubbed. She is mostly paper trained, so if the paper is there, she will go on it. Her appetite is average, and she will eat the food you give her. She is currently teething, so you should always have a toy around when u need it. She is calm and collected, so she is good with children or older couples. But, no matter what Ursula is a caring and loving dog and she will fit in perfectly with any family. Her mom Alice is also posted.
Sweet Utah is looking for a quiet home where he can hang out and be your best buddy. He is very overwhelmed with the kennel noise and barking. At around 60 lbs and 1-2 years old, he is a laid back boy that would like a quiet home.