All the animals listed below have been adopted. Please click on the dogs or cats links to see animals available for adoption.

Rachel's Kittens (Prada)
Rachel's Kittens are now only Prada. Prada's siblings (Bella, Storm and Jasper) were all adopted. Prada is approx. 12 weeks old and lives in a great foster home and gets lots of TLC from her foster family. Prada (a tuxedo w/white on her nose) is the mischievous one - very friendly and LOVES to be touched and cuddled. She's the one who starts the games and apparently she can do back flips. Please be advised that Prada must be adopted with either another young kitten or to a household with a young cat present.
Rachel, Ray & Regina
Ray and Regina (Rachel is the calico) are the two kittens left of these three sweet and playful kitties. They make you laugh every time you see them. They are used to other cats and dogs in their foster home. Now about 14 weeks old, meeting them is falling in love with them.
Radar & Mulcahey
Radar & Mulcahey are two wonderful 6 year old kitties, adopted as little kittens by their human who must now, sadly, find a new home as her husband to be is extremely allergic. Radar is the sweetest guy you'll ever know. He's smart - a bit shy, but he cuddles and loves you with all his little purring heart. Mulcahey is his fluffy tailed, wild brother. He is endlessly curious and wants to know everything you are doing and has the most energy of any cat you've ever seen. He is super playful and a bundle of fun. Both cats are very healthy, up to date with all vaccinations, neutered. These two kitties now reside in Pittsburgh, PA, having lived a very comfortable life in Westchester County, NY. If possible, they should really be adopted together. To meet this dynamic duo, please contact Christina at
Rafi (a/k/a King or Jupiter) is a super sweet approx. 4-5 month old grey tabby kitten with a marvelous "rafish" personality. A bouncy, friendly kitty, he resides in a foster home where he gets along fine with the foster family dog, all the foster humans and is getting to know the adult male resident cat. Neutered and in excellent health, Rafi is a charmer! (ts)
is an adorable 14 week old kitten, sweet and playful. Come and meet him and his siblings at our adoption day!
Raphael is a simply fabulous 10 month old Maine Coon cat wtih a sweet, playful, curious and affectionate personality. This wonderful boy was thrown out of his home when his owners moved. He's in great health and up to date with all vaccinations. If you love Maine Coon's, you'll adore Raphael.
Raphael (approx. 10-11 months) is a very special Maine Coon male. Thrown out when his owners moved, this great, great cat was rescued by caring people. He is a sweet, playful, curious and affectionate boy who will give you years of joy.
Rapunzel is a very sweet long haired Tortoiseshell kitten, about 12 weeks old. She loves to be with you and loves to cuddle.
Raven is a beautiful light colored Tabby, about 6 months old. She is very sweet and friendly.
Ray is one handsome orange tabby kitty with white paws and chest. He loves getting attention and enjoys all the pets that come his way. With a strong, independent personality, Ray is one fun cat to have around. Unfortunately, he doesn't care for dogs, but will be a wonderful family cat in a non-canine household. To meet this special guy, please contact Kathy at
Ray and Regina
Ray and Regina (Rachel was adopted) are two super kittens. They are so sweet and very playful. They make you laugh every time you see them. They are used to other cats and dogs in their foster home. Born 3-15-11, these little darlings are a delight to watch, and meeting them is falling in lover with them.
Ray and Regina
Ray (orange tabby) and Regina (grey and white)are two super sweet and playful kittens. They make you laugh every time you see them. Born around 3-15-11, they live in a foster home where they are used to other cats and dogs and love and play with them all. Meeting these two little tykes is falling in love with them. They are big time purring machines too.
Rayna is simply one of the most beautiful calicos you will lay eyes on. She is a stunner to look at, and seems to know this. There is a little bit of the "princess" in Rayna, but fundamentally she is an easygoing cat who enjoys being loved. Alert and intelligent, she gets along with other cats and would make a wonderful feline pet for a single adult or couple.
Razzle is a 14 weeks old (as of 7/25/15) male kitten. He and his sister Tootsie were rescued from a basement in an apartment building Together they are quite mischievous and spunky. Razzle and Tootsie are a bonded pair and need to be adopted together.
This sweet little girl was rescued from the streets with 3 of her litter mates. She is about 15-16 weeks old and really adorable She is already turning into a very affectionate girl. Her litter mates are black, black and white and another tabby and white (Robbie). All with the main coon look.
is a gorgeous, playful 11 week-old kitten. He is one of a litter of three whose mother tested positive for feline HIV, which can be passed on to other cats but not to humans or dogs. He needs to be tested at 4 months to see if he has it. Our past experience with HIV kittens has been that follow-up tests were negative.
RED JIMSTONE What could be nicer to hold in your arms than this beautiful 6 month old kitten, a handsome miniature tiger. Hes curious and active but still cuddly and eager to be your friend. He was bottle fed by loving people since he was found at 3 weeks old. Now hes all ready share his love and be your perfect pet.
What an appropriate name for a fabulous cat. Approx. 7 years old, Redder is a long, lean male cat that comes when you call his name and snap your fingers. He loves to sun himself or sleep on the couch. Once Redder gets to know you, he will make a wonderful companion who enjoys kids, dogs and other cats. To meet Redder please contact
Long, lean, and muscular, Redi the Tiger boasts a rich, red, striped coat. This handsome boy used to live outdoors and beg for food, but now he's safe at Pet Rescue and a curious explorer. Redi loves attention and is a great little smoocher when he doesn't have to share his humans with many other cats.
Reese an adorable female tabby. She is very sweet and affectionate. Friendly with dogs and cats too.
is a very cuddly boy, a real snuggler and will jump into your lap at any opportunity. He is skittish though. If there is a noise or unexpected movement, he will run for cover. He would be great for a single person or a couple without kids. He gets along great with the other cats and dogs at his foster home. He is about 6 month old now.
Regina is a one year old buff/white female with hints of Siamese mixed in. Very sweet and gentle. She likes to be around the action. She was rescued from a chaotic household but remains sweet and trusting. She now lives in a great foster home around other cats, dogs and kids. bp
is a handsome boy, full of spunk and play. About 12 weeks old. His sister Ashley is also listed.
Reilly is a handsome tuxedo male (approx. 3 years old) found abandoned in a burnt out house in Mt. Vernon. Friendly and feisty, he has personality oomph! Good with other cats, kids and dogs, Reilly will make a wonderful family pet.
Reilly is a handsome 3 year old tuxedo male, found living in a burnt out building in Mt. Vernon. Friendly and feisty, Reilly has quite the personality and is wonderful with other cats, kids and dogs. Reilly will be a marvelous asset as a family pet.
is an adorable tuxedo kitten. He is about seven weeks old. He loves to cuddle and play with people and his siblings. He purrs everytime he's held or pet. Reily would love to be adopted with one of his playmates! He also is used to children, other cats, and dogs. He will make a great family pet!
Rembrandt has the gentle soul of an artist. A handsome tabby with an irresistible smudge on his nose, he is a snuggler! Rembrandt would rather be hugged and kissed than have dinner. This master purrer must meditate because he is so mellow - you may only realize he is around when his head bumps your hand for a pet or he wraps around your ankles adoringly. Did we say he's REALLY affectionate? Rembrandt is quite bonded with his brother, Matisse (also available for adoption on this website) so they would prefer to stay together. Rembrandt was born around May 2013. He is fine with other cats, just keeping to himself, but unsure of dogs.
is a beautiful and sweet tabby, about 3 years old.
Rex (a/k/a Greg) is a true tiger! This young boy's tabby stripes, lynx points, and unique copper coloring even, his belly is tawny-colored,give him the look of a miniature jungle cat. But gaze into those big green eyes and all you see is kindness. Rex has a soft spot for his friend and cage-mate Jasmina, whom he'll spend hours grooming as they sit by the window together. Sweet, affectionate, and playful, Rex gets along wonderfully with other cats and is looking for a home where he and Jasmina can stay together.
Richie Jr.
Richie Jr. was found abandoned in a park. The man who brought him to Pet Rescue and has since been visiting him twice a day with special treats and lots of hugs, sometimes finds it difficult to pick up this little boy because the second he sees his visitor he rolls over on his back and goes limp. Richie is now giving up his initial shyness with other people as they too hug him. This beautiful beige tabby is about 7 months old and irresistible.
is an adorable 14 week old kitten, sweet and playful. Come and meet him and his siblings at our adoption day!
and his sister Lucy are adorable 8-9 week old kittens. Sweet, playful and strikingly beautiful.
Meet Ambassador Ricky. This outgoing little guy likes to make friends and greet everyone from dogs to new foster kittens to humans, of course. Ricky is very social and is happy to do whatever his companions are doing whether it's playing tag or watching TV. A natural comedian, he has tons of energy that will liven any home. This handsome panther is definitely one of a kind! Ricky was born around early May and resides with several siblings in a foster home.
Ricky & Lucy
Ricky (tuxedo male) & Lucy (lt. orange tabby female) are 2 year old indoors cats who are new to our Kitty Cottage. They are both very sweet and often cuddle together, especially when sleeping. Ricky will usually be the first to approach a new human and is an active, rambunctious kitty, while Lucy may need a little encouragement. They have both shown themselves to be lap cats who enjoy rubbing up against a favorite human. Though not siblings, it is preferred that the two be adopted together but they can go separately. To be considered for adoption of Ricky & Lucy, please complete our online Pet Rescue cat application found on our website.
Ricky and Bobby
My name is Michele and I work at a garden center in Pound Ridge, NY. We currently have two cats on the property that we are trying to relocate – unfortunately, several new employees are allergic. We think they’re both about 5 years old…one is a female tortoiseshell named Ricky, and the other is a gray striped male named Bobby. They’re both indoor/outdoor cats, fixed, and super friendly! Ricky is content to cuddle and sit in your lap all day, while Bobby loves to be petted and rub his face on you. Ricky can be picked up, but Bobby prefers not to be picked up. They’re both very chatty and will carry on a full conversation with you! We would prefer if they could stay together. Please contact Michele at if you would like to meet Ricky and Bobby. (3/18)
Riley is a beautiful tuxedo, very sweet and friendly. He is about 1 year old as of 5/1/15. This boy is very sweet and well behaved. He loves to be petted and you can pick him up and carry him around. He is playful with other cats and does well with dogs and kids. His foster mom says "I can't rave enough about this guy one of the best kitties I've ever had. He is my shadow and helps me with everything. He would be an awesome pet for an active family." Riley was found meowing under a car, scared having been recently thrown on to streets.
Ringo and his siblings are about 10-12 weeks old and just beautiful. They are still with their Momma and are playful, happy kittens.
Ringo is an adorable tabby who was tossed out onto the streets by his original owner. This tabby has a large white bib and feet. He is affectionate and loves to be around people. He enjoys being petted and is quite playful. Ringo resides in the same foster home as Rockie, where he receives lots of tender loving care. Ringo is neutered, up to date with all vaccinations and in excellent health. To meet Ringo, contact Karen at
COMING SOON - Ripley is the smallest boy from the Valentines kittens. He's mostly black but with little painted brush strokes of orange around his face. Because of his slightly smaller size Ripley taught himself to climb to get a better look around. He loves ribbon games and chasing his brothers around. He adores back scratches and will arch up to ask for more and then start purring like crazy. Another love bug not to be missed. Ripley needs to be adopted with one of his siblings (Whisper, Phantom, Gandolf, Dove, Spencer)or in a house with another pet. vc
River is an adorable Torbie kitty, about 1 year old. She was found a stray wandering the streets in Riverdale. Now she is looking for her forever home. This petite little girl will love you tons. She would like to be your one and only so you can spoil her, the way she deserves to be spoiled.
River was found wandering a housing project in Riverdale and that's how she came by her lyrical name. She is a gorgeous roughly 8 month calico/tabby with marmalade eyes. She melts into your arms as soon as she is picked up, and rolls on her back in search of tummy rubs. Guaranteed to be your new best friend. sw
This sweet little boy was rescued from the streets with 3 of his litter mates. He is about 15-16 weeks old and just adorable. His littermates include Rebecca (another long haired Tabby), a black long haired kitten and a black/white.. all with the main coon look.
is an adorable 14 week old kitten, sweet and playful. Come and meet him and his siblings at our adoption day!
Rocco is a talented communicator. He's very vocal and whether it's a playmate, a cuddle or lunch he wants, he is quite clear. A social boy, Rocco makes friends with other cats, dogs and people easily. His easy-going disposition is punctuated by his "happy cat" tail, waving upright like a question mark. Beautifully marked Rocco was born about mid-May with his litter mates, one of whom, Sky, is still available for adoption.
Rocco is a smallish 1.5 year old adorable male kitty. Rescued by one of our dedicated volunteers, he is very sweet and friendly and will do well in a family environment.
Rockie is one handsome 9 month old tuxedo cat, rescued near Yankee Stadium. He is very friendly, loves to be around people and adores being petted. Rockie resides in a foster home where he gets along with the other cats present. Rockie is neutered, up to date with all vaccinations and in excellent health. To meet this special feline, contact Karen at
is a good-natured boy who would thrive in a loving home. He was given up by a woman whose boyfriend was allergic. He's friendly with other cats.
is the leader of this litter. He is the most outgoing and will snuggle right down when you pick him up. He also takes playing and eating very seriously. It is so much fun to watch him at "work". Great little guy. He too is not know for his bravery only for his sleek and elegant looks and his great personality. He is shy at first. And, if they had a high jumping competition for kittens, he would win. You should see him jump when you play with him.
Rocky, long and velvety black, is friends with everybody and comfortable everywhere although one of his favorite places is in your arms. He came to Pet Rescue with his sister who was adopted right off. Undaunted, Rocky quickly made friends with other cats but he is too great a boy not to be one of someone's special companions. He's about 4 years old.
Rocky is a sweet male tuxedo kitty, about 10 months old now (born approx. early May 2012) who resides in a wonderful foster home, where he gets along well with dogs and other cats. This "cool" young guy loves being in your lap and getting petted. He is playful and active, and enjoys feline fun.
Rocky is a 15 week old male (born mid-August 2013) that is a bit shy. When he looks at you, it's with a wanting desire for love and affection.
Rocky is a handsome, lovable boy. He is super soft and fluffy. He is a big mush who hams it up for attention. Rare for a cat, but Rocky loves water. He loves to drink from the tap and likes to make the water in his bowl move before drinking it. He loves keeping you company in the morning when getting ready for work. He likes to peek in the mirror and is still wondering who that handsome devil in the mirror is. ;-) Rocky needs a little extra TLC as he has a minor heart condition. It is not severe and is easily maintained by giving him two small pills ONCE a day. He is a sweet boy and does not put up a big fuss. Won’t you give Rocky a chance at a forever home? He is so cheerful and ready to share his love with you. He gets along with moast other cats well. KC
is an adorable 14 week old kitten, sweet and playful. Come and meet him and his siblings at our adoption day!
Rollie is a wonderful and very playful little boy. He is so happy and outgoing. He loves to roll around and play with his toys. He is very cuddly too, when he is not too busy playing. He is about 4 1/2 months old. His adoption fee is $150.
Rolo is a sweet little boy. He is about 9 weeks old and he loves to be held and cuddled. He is sweet and gentle. His mom was found in a zipped suitcase next to a dumpster in NYC. They were rescued by a kind gentleman who heard meowing. When he got the suitcase homed and opened it up he saw Rolo's mom and her 4 newborn kittens. He is the last of the litter and probably one of the cutest of the bunch.
Romeo is a sweet little boy. He is about 10 weeks old (7-7-07). He loves to be held but is shy at first. He is great with other cats and loves to be around them.
Romeo is a 14 year old all-white pure-bred Persian (baby doll) cat who now needs a new home due to personal and family related issues. This neutered male has the unique one blue and one hazel eye that is seen in this exotic breed. Romeo is a sweet, mellow cat, in excellent health who loves to be petted and tends to show favoritism to females. He is accustomed to other cats and is used to small children (but tends to keep his distance). He may do best in a quiet home where he will find a comfortable window sill to snooze on. If interested in this beautiful fur ball, please contact Alyssa at or 914-355-1608.
Romeo is an extremely handsome, very distinctive male cat who deserves his "romantic" name. He is large in size (possibly some Maine Coon in his ancestry?) but is a short haired tabby with large eyes that grab your attention. He is friendly, enjoys being petted, and loves human attention. He would be fine as a single cat in your household. To meet him is to love this big boy.
Rose and her sister Misty (also posted) are such adorable kittens, born on 4-15-09. They are very sweet, playful and friendly with the most distinctive, calico markings.
This little female kitty was one of a litter of 5. Her mom was brought in off the street just before Rose and her siblings were born. Mom cat now has a permanent home. Rose and her siblings, Little Romeo, Venus, Ruby and Cupid are extremely playful and purr machines.
Rosendo's Kitten
Now 4 months old, this adorable grey tabby kitten was rescued by Rosendo at age 4 weeks from a drain pipe in New Rochelle. Our fosterer nurtured the kitten, socialized her and she is the sweetest, friendliest and definitely delightful. To meet this kitten, please contact Rosendo at 914-560-6875, or email Monique at
Rosie is a delightful, social, girl of 4-5 months (August 2018) needing a caring home. She's the prettiest tabby with big ears, a very long tail, and a quiet soft, quiet purr. When she gazes in your eyes you sense she sees deeply. On August 8 she was found on the street by a family who showered her with love, play time, and lots of car rides. Rosie is a wonderful companion and brimming with life. She's very content cuddling and being held. Her house and litter box manners are good. She's relaxed in her carrier and in the car. In August the vet gave her a clean bill of health, and her vaccinations are up to date. She now resides in our Kitty Cottage and can be visited there. KC
Rosie is approximately 8 weeks old (as of 9-18-18) and a super sweet little girl! This lovely charming calico loves to cuddle and starts purring right away. She is quickly adjusting to life in a busy, family household, and she’s even getting used to dogs. This little girl will quickly fit in anywhere. An excellent kitty for an active family. (jr)
Ross is perfect in every way - beautiful, outgoing, affectionate and fine with other cats. What else can we say? He is alert, seems to listen to every word you say. Anybody who brings Ross home is a big winner. Since Ross is so gregarious, he should have a feline companion in his new home.
Ross is a sweet kitten about 4 months old now. A bit shy, he is opening up and starting to blossom with the tender loving care he is receiving in his foster home. He loves to play with his toys, and is as handsome a kitty as you could want. Gentle, playful Ross is a true diamond.
Roxy and her sisters (Trixie & Lulu) were abandoned by their mother (who mayve been killed), living under a building when a kindly carpenter saw them running into a nearby parking lot looking for food. Probable birth date is around May 1st. All females, tested negative and they are absolutely wonderful, playful, fun loving little babes! They are on a premium diet of Wysong canned and KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement formula). All three get along with the older cats in their foster home, even if the older cats dont think much of them! Roxy is a fierce explorer, and always wants to snuggle after shes completely exhausted herself playing and jumping on her littermates. Sweet natured and purrs within a minute of being picked up. A real dear, and companion to Lulu.
Roy is a handsome Siamese cat with a bobtail. He is about 2-3 years old and is declawed. He is very loving and affectionate. He would do best in a home as an only cat. He is a nice and calm boy that loves to cuddle.
Roy is an adorable 8 week old buff and white tabby male (born mid-September 2013). He is very friendly, super sweet and good with other cats, kids and dogs. With his semi long hair, Roy will grow into one very handsome cat.
Roz, with an elegant Egyptian profile, gets along with everyone and keeps busy playing with toys and enjoying window views if she is not rolling over to be stroked. She will make a loving family companion without being overly demanding. Roz was brought to us late one night after being taken out of a cramped cage in a NJ pound where she was not going to be given a chance.
This sweet and outgoing girl will play with just about anything that moves. She is great around other cata and dogs. She is about 12 weeks old.
Ruby is the middle sister of Celeste & Alice (also posted). Ruby is a little more relaxed than Celeste. She is also playful but has a very endearing habit of tickling your feet when she's ready to be picked up. Ruby will come when called and is very lovable, always good for belly rubs which she rewards with a steady purr. Ruby is a mix of tabby stripes with patches of orange mixed in, called Torby.
Ruby is an all around lover (enjoys cats, dogs, children). This charming cat (approx. 1 year old) was found abandoned in front of a house, shaking and hiding fearfully. With gentle encouragement, Ruby came out from the bushes and turns out to be a very friendly brown tabby lady who loves to be petted.
This little female kitty was one of a litter of 5. Her mom was brought in off the street just before Ruby and her siblings were born. Mom cat now has a permanent home. Ruby and her siblings, Little Romeo, Venus, Rose and Cupid are extremely playful and purr machines.
Ruby is a gorgeous 12 year old, female pure bred Himalayan, She is spayed, in good health and an indoor cat only. Though she has been exposed to other cats, she will do best as the only cat in a quiet home with a dedicated owner. Ruby is sweet and gentle and loves the company of people. If you appreciate this beautiful long-haired breed, please contact her owner Miranda at 516/462-2508 or email her at to meet her. 6/19/16
Rudy is not only a big handsome boy with a deep brandy coloring but the perfect pet. His self-confidence means he is calm, and friendly with everyone - people, dogs, and other cats. Now fostered by a family with teen and grown children, visiting kids and a changing succession of dogs, he welcomes all and is pleased to be part of everything.
Rudy is a beautiful male Siamese mix, mostly white with light orange highlights and beautiful blue eyes. He is a very sweet, friendly boy!
Rue is one adorable kitty who loves to be held and have his belly rubbed. A little shy at first, Rue is currently in a foster home where he is getting lots of tender loving care and learning all the social graces needed to become a wonderful family pet. Rue is neutered and in excellent health.
This adorable little boy is so calm and sweet, it's hard to believe he is only about 4 months old. He has soft, long fur and the sweetest eyes. He will make somebody very happy. He was found in the engine of one of our volunteer's car and he purrs as loud as a motor, hence the name.
Runt is a beautiful 15 week old male kitten who loves to cuddle. Runt is deaf but responds to hand gestures and vibrations, such as pounding on the floor. He also responds to vocal vibrations when he is being held by someone. Because Runt cannot hear cars and other animals, he must be an indoor cat for safety reasons. He has also had his first set of shots and tested negative for FIV/FELV/HW Please contact Mary at
This handsome boy survived living on the street - now he deserves a home of his very own. He is about a year old and very friendly - and gorgeous too!
is a handsome 7 year old declawed cat who lived with an elderly lady who developed Alzheimers. He is ok with other cats as long as they are not too aggressive. He wWould be happier in a calm quiet home.
Rusty is a sweet, loving one year old orange tabby cat, found in the neighborhood of his current foster parent during a recent rain storm. Rusty has a great disposition, but does not enjoy the other cats in his current family, nor do we think he is comfortable with dogs. He like to kiss his humans, is known to drink out of the bathroom faucet and will come when you call him. Neutered and in good health, Rusty will make a new adopter very happy. To meet this delightful boy, contact his foster parent, Karen, directly by calling 917-750-6964 or emailing her at
Ruth's Kittens
These kittens are about 10-12 weeks old. Each one has his or her own personality and they are real affectionate kittens that just love attention. You can hear them purring from all the way across the room. There are 2 females and 2 males and one is cuter than the other. They also love to sit in your lap and snuggle. While they also love to play, they are rather on the calmer side for kittens and very well behaved. Please check our website for the photos of the rest of the kittens.
Ruthie is an adorable 7 week old female tabby & white kitten!
Ruthie is a cuddly love who likes lots of affection and shows her delight with loud purrs. This classically pretty tabby has many talents such as typing quickly (as long as you aren't fussy about spelling), preventing newspapers from escaping by sprawling across them and keeping your lap warm. Ruthie's sweet disposition enables her to make friends easily, including dogs and other cats. She was born around early May and resides in a foster home.