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is an adorable puppy, about 5 1/2 months old and 18 lbs. She is a perky, friendly and very playful sweetheart. She will play with any toy available and is learning to play catch. She is being fostered with other bigger dogs and can certainly hold her own. She is also great with children and adults. Queenie is very affectionate and loves to be next to someone. She is good on a leash and almost totally housebroken. She also sleeps soundly through the night.
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Queenie is the sweetest little girl. Her big brown eyes will melt your heart. Queenie loves being with people, playful with other dogs and is fine with cats. We think Queenie is approx. 1 to 2 years old and 7 lbs of love. She's house trained and will go in a crate but she would rather be in your lap. Queenie is adorable and a delight to be with, she'll be a great companion and small enough to go everywhere with you. Please no children under 14 for this little girl.
Queenie is an adorable Border Collie mix pup, about 8-9 weeks old. Her mom is a pure breed Border Collie (Bootsie who is also posted); we are not sure of her dad. She is too cute for words!
Queenie is an adorable 18 month old female Border Collie Mix around 45 lbs. She is shy and fearful around new people and learning the ropes of what it is like to be a happy dog. Because of her fearful side, she should probably not be in a home with children. She is most comfortable around other dogs, so we are looking for a home that has another dog. She enjoys playing with the other dog in her foster home, as well as frequent trips to the dog park or the beach. She is in a foster home with a senior cat and gets along very well with him (although outdoor cats and squirrels are advised to keep their distance!). Queenie has a typical Border Collie personality. She would love to be adopted by someone interested in training her in agility, flyball, herding, etc. That's not a requirement, but true to her breed, she would thrive! She ultimately just needs some TLC, time, and patience from someone willing to work with her.
Watch a video of QUEENIE
Watch another video of QUEENIE
Queenie's Pups
Queenie's puppies are too cute (mom is also posted). They each have their own sweet personality are playful and love piling on top of each other. We have two males: the red one and one black & tan pup. The female is black & tan and the smaller of the three. They've been with other dogs and cats in their foster home and love everyone. DOB: 09/06/09. Please no children under the age of 16 for these little ones.
"This is probably the sweetest dog I have ever fostered" the foster mom tells us. She is calm, not a barker, gets along with everybody. She is affectionate but not pushy. She loves cats, dogs, kids.... This girl would probably be happiest in a quiet home since she is so calm. She loves meeting other dogs when she is out for her walks or even when they come and visit, especially if they are small like her. Quigley is about 22 lbs and around 1-2 years old and a dream dog!
Quiggley is an adorable Beagle/Terrier mix, about 5 months old, with the sweetest temperament and a winning personality. He absolutely loves attention and will crawl into the lap of anybody who greets him, hoping for a scratch and some kisses. He gets along great with other dogs and is good with cats too. He'll always opt for human attention, over squirrels and even over his dinner! He's very observant and attentive, which, combined with his intelligence, will make him a snap to train. He already knows sit, come, and stay, and is fully paper-trained and will go outside too. Always smiling and happy and confident, Quig is a playful and loving pup who will make a great pet for anyone who has the time to give him the affection he so enjoys.
Quimby is a 5 yo rottie. Quimby is smart, affectionate, and protective of her people. Due to economic difficulties we have to move and cannot keep this wonderful girl. She was purchased from a breeder and has all her paperwork. She has never been crated and needs a space of her own. She is spayed. Has always been let out in a yard to poo and not totally leash trained. She is eager to please and loyal. Please be familiar with the breed. Contact: Connie; 718-792-3537
is a handsome Newfie mix , about 60 lbs and around 13 months old. He loves running around and is just beautiful to watch. He is very smart and is a quick learner. He has been through training and needs someone who will continue working with him. He knows basic commands but does still pull on the leash sometimes. He loves to go for rides in the car. He would do best as an only dog. He is housebroken. Please fill out an adoption application.
Quincy is living in a home with kids around 9-10 years old and 2 other dogs & is friendly them all. He is on the mellow side, but loves to play. He thinks he is a lap dog. He needs some basic training but is house trained and eager to please.
Sex: M
Age: 1 1/2 years
Weight: 65 lbs.
Breed mix: Newfie/Chesapeake Retrv
Shed: Yes
Energy level: Medium
Good w/ Dogs? Yes
Good w/ Cats? Not sure
Good w/ Kids? Yes (older)
Quincy is a handsome 5 month old male Border Collie Mix puppy and is around 25 lbs. Quincy is a happy little boy, his whole body wags when you walk in the room. He loves to play with his brother Quinton, but he's better at playing fetch and isn't as much of a herder. He needs work on his leash training, but this little guy will be a snuggler for some lucky family.
Quinn is a sweet Border Collie mix. She is posted with her sister Queenie. She's smaller than her sister, but oohh so cute! They like to play together and of course after lots of play, they huddle up to snuggle for a nap.
Quinn is an adorable male terrier mix, about 3 months old. He enjoys running around with his brother and other dogs. He gets along well with others. After a nice run he enjoys lounging in the sun. He doesn't seem to care about cats and is good in the car.
What a sweetie Quinn is! This Jack Russell mix about 10lbs and 1 year old, he is a really special dog who works his way into your heart. He loves exercise and would love to run around or go on long walks. He is also quite the cuddlier, he is very happy to snuggle up to you after a long walk or play. He enjoys the company of other dogs, but does not need a companion. He is housebroken and sleeps well through the night without a peep. He wants to be your constant companion and will make a wonderful pet!
Quinn is good with kids, other dogs, good off and on leash, 9 months old, female Catahoula-pit mix pup and house trained. Likes to play fetch. Super sweet puppy. The owner is in the service and has orders to leave for Japan and needs to find a loving home for this sweet dog. Please call Lauren @ 209-602-7440 or email:
Quinton is a handsome 5 month old male Border Collie Mix and is around 25 lbs. He seems to be a typical BC, every once in a while we catch him trying to herd the other dogs! He enjoys running and playing with his brother Quincy, also listed, but can settle down on your lap if you want.