All the animals listed below have been adopted. Please click on the dogs or cats links to see animals available for adoption.

3 Blue Heeler Pups
3 Blue Heeler, Australian Shepherd mix puppies, 3 female. They are about 7-8 weeks old and just adorable, playful and cuddly. They are used to being with children and love them.
3 Lab Pups
These three adorable pups are 9 weeks old and around 10 lbs. They are all females. They are happy and playful. They will probably be a little smaller than pure breed labs. Their mom was a pure breed, we don't know what the dad was.
3 Puppies
These 3 puppies about 8 to 9 weeks old. They look like shepherd, beagle, spaniel mixes, and they are just adorable! They love to run around, play and be petted. (The tan one in the first picture was adopted)