Piff (aka as Nellie in her foster home), is a super sweet 8-10 year old Dachshund Mix. She is 10lbs of nothing but love. Piff is one of the Hurricane Harvey rescues from Texas. This Hurricane saved her and gave her a new lease on life. So far Piff loves what New York has given her. A foster home where she loves to snuggle with her foster mom and get lots of belly rubs and car rides to see the outside world. She likes sleep with her foster mom and now gets excited over it with jumping up on the side of the bed, but she will also happily sleep in a nice cozy dog bed. She gets along great with all the dogs and cats in her foster home. Piff is a very laid back easy going dog. She does have dry eyes, which is being treated with a good prognosis from a recent visit to the eye specialiat. Piff would be a great addition to any home!

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