Sam (aka Samuel)

Sam (AKA Samuel) is a beautiful, loving, sweet, male kitten approximately 6 months old. He is mostly black with a white spot on his chest. He was found with his mother and siblings under a porch deck and has been in loving foster homes ever since. Currently, Samuel is living with his birth sister, Sandy, in a foster home and they love to wrestle, play, sleep, and cuddle together. It would be wonderful if Sam and Sandy could be adopted together, but Samuel’s foster family is confident that he would do just fine on his own too. Samuel loves meal times… wet food is his favorite time of day and he literally bounces with joy as it is being plated. Samuel loves to snuggle on the couch with humans and will lay down on your lap for a good pet and nap. He has been known to burrow under a blanket for a really cozy nap now that the colder weather is setting in. Samuel is active and loves to chase his sister, shoelaces, toys, balls, and a laser pointer. Sam is an amazing kitten and will become the most loyal and beautiful cat. This beauty has been to several of the adoption fairs… but his true personality can be seen in his foster home. (md)

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